Software and Hardware Prototyping using all current platforms and tools: Web Applications with HTML5/Angular, React Native/Ionic applications, Bluetooth Beacons (Eddystone), php7 (+codeigniter), SQL Server design and setup, MySQL, hardware prototyping with Arduino/Raspberry Pi 3/DragonBoard, GPS solutions, GPRS (SimCom) solutions, backend logic.


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Our new office is located in the Maof SME Center, Be'er Sheva Old City. BankHapoalim Tower, 1st Floor, Room 18.

Bounty tasks!

From to time we are posting new tasks for a nice bounty payment! Mandatory knowledge:

  • Git
  • Solid coding skills
  • Fluent English

Tasks involve different technologies. Bounties ranging $50-$1000 for successfully deploying solution to git.

In order to take a task - contact us +972-504717977

Free Courses

Join our free courses

Once in a while we are having quick courses in:

  • 3D design/printing
  • Front-End software development
  • Bluetooth technology

Those courses are free to join, just register on time - maximum 8 participants!